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你知道在德國的傳說裡也有月下老樹嗎? The story of the matchmaking oak tree.



In a German forest near the city of Eutin lies an extraordinary old oak tree. Known as Bridegroom’s Oak, the 500-year-old, 82-foot-tall hardwood has a five-meter circumference and is a registered natural monument. The story of this tree is an unexpected and wondrous one.


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★ 1.Monument  n. 遺跡;名勝古蹟

▎Parts of the Berlin Wall were preserved ashistoric monuments.

★ 2.unexpected 
 a. 意想不到的

My quest for the truth led to an unexpected answer.

將近一百年前,一名年輕女孩和一名巧克力製造商的兒子想要結婚,但女孩的父親拒絕。接著兩人便開始偷偷地交換情書,並將情書留在樹洞裡。女孩的父親最終同意了,而這對情侶於 1891 年六月二日結婚,就在這棵曾 給予他們希望、讓他們的愛情得以繼續存在的樹下。

Nearly 100 years ago, a young girl and the son of a chocolate maker wished to marry, but the girl’s father refused to allow it. The two then secretly began exchanging love letters, leaving them in a hole in the trunk of the tree. The girl’s father finally gave his consent, and the couple married on June 2, 1891, under the tree that had given them hope and kept their love alive.

 ▎單字延伸  ▎

★ 3. refuse to  拒絕做

David refused to give up playing baseball even though he was severely injured.

★4. exchange  vt.& n. 交換

exchange A for B  以A 換取B 

Peter exchanged his toy car for a toy gun with his elder brother.


★ 5.consent n.& vi. 同意

Tina can’t go on the school field trip without her parents’ consent.



隨著這段故事傳開,尋求愛情的人們開始寫信並將信件投進樹洞中。這樣的做法蔚為流行。到了 1927 年,政府指定了 一個地址給這棵樹,這樣各地的人們就可以寫信至新郎橡樹。至今已經收到數以千計的信件,且至少促成了五次姻緣,包括兩段長達二十五年的婚姻,這一切的發生都要歸功於這棵樹牽紅線的能力。

As the story spread, people looking for love started writing letters and dropping them into the hole in the tree trunk. The practice really caught on. By 1927, the government assigned the tree its own address so that people everywhere could write to Bridegroom’s Oak. Thousands of letters have been received, and at least five marriages, including two 25-year unions, came about thanks to the tree’s matchmaking abilities.

★ 6.assign  指派,分配

   常用: assign sb sth分配某人某事

My boss assigned me the difficult task of finding new suppliers in India


★7.catch on (某事蔚為流行/受到歡迎

The famous designer predicts that this trend will catch on again next year.


★ 8.come about 發生

The increase in production has come about through the use of technology.



在這個數位時代裡,寄信給一棵橡樹似乎並不是讓尋找真愛的人相遇的有效方法,不過不可否認,它不失為 一個迷人的方式。雖然約會應用程式和線上服務使用資料和數據撮合人們,許多真正的浪漫主義者仍滿足於郵寄信件並相信命運之手!新郎橡樹每天仍會收到信。然而,根據不同的資訊來源,信件的數量據傳只有幾封到幾百封不等。

In the digital age, sending a letter to an oak tree doesn’t sound like an effective way for love seekers to meet, though it is an undeniably charming one. While dating apps and online services match people using facts and figures, many true romantics are content to mail their letters and trust the hand of fate! Bridegroom’s Oak still receives letters every day. However, the reported number of letters ranges from only a few to several hundred, depending on the source of the information.

交友軟體氾濫在我們的生活圈中,寫情書的風潮逐漸式微 (圖片來源:Pixabay)

★ 9.effective  a. 有效的,起作用的

Sending text messages is a fast and effective means of communication.


★10. figure  n. 數據;數字

According to the figures, our company has gained a lot of profit this season.



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